1. First dip

If you followed my last blog you’ll know, at least indirectly, that I’m a big fan of Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov, the Russian-born novelist whose prose is more imaginative than that of any native English speaker I’ve read (now there’s a conundrum for any word diver, straight off the bat). Our Vlad also nailed a tale about the destructive power of sexuality in Lolita (though from lingering aversions some fifty years on you’d think he’d nailed her). Less controversially, in his leisure time Nab nailed (or rather pinned) countless butterflies as a notorious lepidopterist.

snowdenus exilus

snowdenus exilus

Too effete even to rise to that small brutality I thought I’d share some photos of those that often accompany me on my short and sweaty runs here in Hong Kong, identified in the Latin with the help of Google’s new Nature Translator, designed for those who thought they saw something flapping but ‘…it might have been a drone or something.’

cyleungus flappus

cyleungus flappus

Gentle reader, if only I could promise you that this blog will seek only to entertain you with such mild fancies, but as I try to nail the writing career that has eluded me thus far, there is always a chance I might get radical, rude or rapacious. You have been warmed…

bugus everywhereus

bugus everywhereus


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