40. 24-hour short story contest: big response to call of the wild

Lord Buckley wants you

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our 24-hour story contest that ran over the weekend of 3-4 October (Hong Kong time). All stories had to take into account this constraint drawn by the editor of Gafencu magazine: ‘the story must feature an elephant’. Local authors rose to the challenge, looked it square in the face and waited for inspiration to charge. We were very impressed with the quality and quantity of the entries we received and intend to trumpet about them in the weeks and months ahead.

If you want to hear some of the stories being read by their authors come along to the next Hong Kong Writers Circle social event on Wednesday 28 October at Culture Club, 15 Elgin Street (7.30pm kick off). Gafencu magazine will be awarding a special prize to the author of their favourite entry.

My own effort? Thanks for asking. As the contest fell on my birthday weekend it was a bit of a struggle to be honest. While I was able to maintain my admin duties, I didn’t come up with too many of my own words before friends joined me in the pub.

An elephant never remembers. Isn’t that what they say? I forget. It’s the one with the horn, right? I had the horn last night, and not the powdered kind: the kind brought about by liquor; the type of urge that doesn’t get you anywhere because you find yourself drawn to the unattainable – to the rare, lesser-spotted, velveteen-skinned fauna of the night; the tough but dainty animals thought extinct until recent sightings were inadvertently publicised in the startled eyes of a friend and who are now hunted by nightlife’s big beast collective – besuited predators making steady padding progress through the snow maintained by their indefatigable cool. Yes, last night I officially became grey and wrinkly. Worse – I forgot that I was grey and wrinkly. I fooled my own reflection but inspired no one else’s. I took on board so much booze that I became unattainable even to myself. Hence my head. Hence this elephantine hangover…

Here’s one I prepared earlier. An Elephant in Kowloon was published in Far Enough East a couple of years back. Check it out here. It’s a little more accomplished than the above…as far as I can remember: http://www.farenougheast.com/issue-03/an-elephant-in-kowloon-peter-humphreys/


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