43. In praise of podcasts

Do we still need ears? Yes, you heard me right – according to Hipzine.com musicologists in the States are experimenting with cutting edge technology that will not only trim unsightly ear hair but allow music to mutate into a purely visual art form within the next quarter century. How? By unleashing billions of vibrant colours to dance before our salivating gogs. Rumour has it Bowie was working on a follow-up to Blackstar in which musical notes were to be replaced by a cavalcade of pulses and pixels shortly before he died, the finished product intended for release on 3D edible vinyl with liquorice afterglow in early 2017.

So will any of us miss our auditory abilities once human beings have evolved heads as smooth as fish? Call me old-fashioned (can’t hear you) but I, for one, will. Having grown up (perhaps prematurely) listening to BBC Radio 4 I continue to love the sound of conversation blooming in my ear buds.


Which brings us circuitously to the latest edition of the Hong Kong Writers Circle podcast featuring award-winning crime novelist Jame DiBiasio in conversation with Simon Overton, the Circle’s resident interviewer/producer. Bucking the trend of embarrassing self-promotion that makes up 98% of today’s arts media content, mention of Jame’s books is followed by useful, in-depth discussion and generous advice about crime writing, international publishing, and how to stick to your guns as a contemporary author. Give your ears a treat by visiting http://www.hkwriterscircle.com/blog/

More ear stuffing
As a long-time commuter with a sketchy Internet connection it helps to have an array of podcasts at hand. You may have already sampled stalwarts like Serial, This American Life and The History Hour, but may not have tried Around the NFL, an American Football podcast that regularly enters into surreal territory and barroom philosophizing. Ever witnessed an acquaintance make a throwaway comment or treat a server with contempt and thought, ‘A-ha, so that’s what they’re really like…’? For the lads on the ATN pod this is a ‘reveal magnifico’, and can be equally applied to players, coaches, friends and family members.

Even if you’re a hugely successful author with access to your own semi-private ferry 24/7 you sometimes need nothing more than a mate in your ears. That’s the experience to be gained from following the new-ish Adam Buxton podcast. Interviews with Jon Ronson, Louis Theroux, Joe Cornish and others are intermingled with boozy rants from Adam’s shed, lashings of self-doubt, and occasional paeans to the great Dave himself. Perhaps there’ll soon be reckless speculation on that unreleased Bowie material there. I can only hope it’s better than mine…