70. Foolproof anti-algorithm technique disguised as free jazz II

Here we go again. Trying to simultaneously engage with the real world and escape from it over the last few months, I’ve doubtless given far too much of myself away online yet again. Time to dangle my word-clogged trombone over the Internet’s spittle bucket and dribble a few more anti-algorithm distractors into the void. Feel free to slop them down the neck of your favoured search engine, or find the time to create your own. It’s strangely relaxing.

  • How do you smell my dog’s name in French?
  • Wanted: travel toothbrush for philanthropic marsupial
  • Does paper feel regret?
  • Cabbage camouflage techniques
  • Pay for extra legroom or build an extra leg room?
  • Renting a toxic waffle maker with a dodgy plug, 1972-76
  • Can I divorce my guilty feet?
  • Is disco an Olympic sport?
  • Can ears smell poisonous gossip underwater?
  • Is my face made of wool?
  • Best-paid jobs for unemployed millionaires in Rotherham, 1829-2052
  • Best way to feel feelings (without touching them)
  • Should I buy my hamster a golf course?
  • How much is £1.56 worth in pounds and pence twenty minutes ago near the big tree in the park?
  • Why can’t I change a million-pound note at Aldi, or Lidl?
  • How do I stop the Queen from ringing me at all hours?
  • Carpet sale dynamic wrist action shag pile conundrum: when, and for how long?
  • How do I get my recycling back?
  • Baggage allowance for heaven
  • Nothing: pros and cons

Word hungry? Etymology #1

Steamin 2Steaming – i.e. extremely drunk (e.g. ‘Shouldn’t have mixed my drinks, I was steamin’ when I got home’) – originates in Scotland, where legislation in the 1850s meant the only way to enjoy a legal drink on a Sunday was as a traveller; hence the speedy formation of steamship operators offering convenient ‘booze cruises’ along the Clyde. Inevitably, some of these bygone travellers returned to port ‘steamin’’ and in need of a wee; hence, the largest urinal in Scotland is at the pier at Rothesay on the Isle of Bute. Yes, drinking was a largely male preserve back then, but I’m told facilities for women haven’t exactly come on in leaps and bounds in the interim.

Source: BBC Timeshift