22. Restaurant review: Les Copains D’Abord, Peng Chau Island

Good news for all those worried about the gentrification of old Hong Kong at the hands of slick European gastronomes: the counter-revolution starts here…. and from within!
Appearance: shabby-chic shack in dusty town square at high noon
Sheriff: out of town
Waiting staff: roguish
Menu: “Non.”
Food choices: bread platter; mushroom pizza
Drinks: beer, wine, water
We ordered: pizza (x 2)
They said: “Sure, but we can only make one at a time.”
We said: “C’est la vie/Non e un problema.”
Entertainment: kids chasing bubbles in the square
Best enjoyed: with old friends
Do not take: high-octane business contacts
Price: unanticipated
Stars: 3.27/5
Conclusion: Cordon Ramsey would rob this place of its charm but next time we hope the French chef is back from sourcing the delicacies we were hoping for…