39. Hong Kong’s FIRST 24-hour Short Story Contest: next weekend

24 hours in...

In what the Hong Kong Writers Circle anticipates becoming an essential annual event, next weekend will see a 24-hour challenge for local storytellers run for the first time.

The registration deadline has now passed but look out for a specially created website designed to accommodate all of the stories received that fit our criteria.

Inspired by the long-running French version of the 24-hour contest, we will be asking all our writers to work to a constraint – e.g. ‘no characters can be named’, ‘all characters must be naked’, ‘story must reference five ‘90s dance anthems’, ‘opening and closing lines should be identical’ etc. – to spice things up.

Announcing the constraint just before our writers begin work at 2pm on Saturday 3 October 2015 should ensure everyone comes up with something fresh and interesting.

As one of the organisers I won’t be submitting my own story but will write one over the same time period and publish it right here. Perhaps you’d like to do the same?

I’m thinking 1,000 words shamelessly manipulated to suit a suitably twisted constraint.